Thanks to decades of dedication and innovation from some real trailblazers, the safe preservation of food came to be and continually inspires us at Chef-mate to can better. Now, with The Great Canning Cash In Promotion, we’d like to pass that inspiration on to you!

All Call for Canning Innovation

It all started in 1795 when the French government saw the need for properly preserved foods as their troops fought battles afar (and continued to work up their appetites). A prize of 12,000 francs was offered to the one who could find a breakthrough.

12,000 Francs to the Father of Canning

Fourteen years later when Napoleon was emperor, Nicolas Appert, an inspired young chef, brought forth his method of preserving food through sterilization using champagne bottles, winning the 12,000 francs.

Canning Goes Global

Appert continued to evolve his idea with innovations using glass jars and eventually tin cans, inspiring the rest of the world to follow suit with their own preservation patents for everything from oysters to tomatoes.

Canning Continues
and Grows (to a #10 can)

Canned goods soon became commonplace. As canning grew to include the recognizable #10 foodservice can, the process (cooking food inside the can) stayed the same, often resulting in a tinny flavor, burnt notes and trapped gasses that affected taste, aroma and texture.

Chef-mate: We Can Better

Because unmatched quality is important to us, and more importantly to you, we went back to the basics to create our proprietary Cooked Before Canning method for Chef-mate aroma, flavor and appearance you simply won’t find anywhere else.

We’re extremely proud of how we do things, but what’s
most important to us is the result: Offering you and
your customers a product unmatched in quality.
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